The services that we offer are as follows:

  • Counselling on the phone, as well as one on one in the privacy of our counsel room. The women share their stories of the pregnancy, so that we can determine what help the pregnant moms need. If there is abuse or rape it has different outcomes.
  • Psychological services discuss options of adoptions, foster care and empowerment programs.
  • Support services for abortion minded clients. Are you hurting from an abortion in your past. There is help and healing for you. You don’t need to suffer alone contact us today on (031) 903 7359.
  • Pregnancy Testing.
  • Ultra Sound Services: Our center is the only center in Kwa-Zulu Natal that offers an Ultra Sound to a pregnant mom. Through the Ultra Sound the mom can see her baby(s) on the monitor. From this we can determine the due date and check if pregnancy is healthy. This service is also free. It is such a blessing to see the mom’s face when she can see her baby.
  • Baby problems: Feeding, Bathing, Massages, Burns, Teaching self help on HIV and AIDS.
  • Sexual Integrity programs for High Schools.
  • Junior primary education program: Jerry Giraffe approved by Children’s Court “Good touch and Bad touch.”

Charity Shop is to try raise fiances for the center and for food parcels for desperate moms. We accept all 2nd-hand baby clothes, blankets and baby equipment.

We also have a baby safe for abandoned babies called Impilo Baby Haven. The baby offers an alternative for desperate moms “who” want to ensure their child is taken care of. This is done in secret and we do not know the mom.