A Second Chance.

Dear friend of Choices for Life,

I would like to share a powerful story with you:

Tamsyn (name changed), called our centre a few months ago waning to speak to someone about her decision to abort her 32 week old baby. Her mind was made up and she had the pills in her possession but wanted to know what to expect. Through some telephonic counselling, emails and whatsapp messages (as the client lived in another town), the counselor coached Tamsyn through her choice helping her , through resources and information supply, to see that a decision to abort would not be free of complication both to her and her unborn baby. A few days later when the counselor called Tamsyn over giving her some time to re-think things, Tamsyn had made a decision to meet with an adoption social worker and make an adoption plan for her baby instead of aborting.

She gave birth 2 months ago and named her daughter, Hope. Hope has been placed with adoptive parents. Tamsyn’s words to the counselor when asked how she is doing over this brave decision were; “I am struggling –having good days and bad days but thank you for helping me to make another plan”. Because of our centre, Tamsyn’s story does not include an abortion. Our intervention helped her to make an informed choice – a choice that will affect her for life and a choice that she can live with for life.

And of course because of the assistance that Tamsyn received at one of the lowest points of her life, Hope’s story is still being written. Our vision is to speak the truth, show love, and bring hope to young people like Tamsyn who need our assistance. During the past 25 years we have made it our aim to reach the needs of our community in terms of our crisis counselling and more recently our sexual health program. We rely heavily on your donations to make a difference in our community and for allowing us to be effective.