A Helping Hand

When I was 14 I fell pregnant and came to the PRC for help. I decided to parent my child, Anele, who is now 5. It was a hard decision but has been a very rewarding one. I really thought I had learnt from my mistake of having a sexual relationship outside of marriage but fell into the same trap 3 years later and to my horror I found I was pregnant once again. Although I was hesitant I came back to the PRC for help because my boyfriend had rejected me and my mom wasn’t prepared to help me a second time. Daniele wasn’t sure she wanted to take me in a second time but my winning personality eventually persuaded her to help. (Laugh) Through counselling I decided to release my baby for adoption because of my situation – I just didn’t feel that I could take care of another baby – financially or emotionally – and I wanted to finish school.

During daily devotions at the PRC I learnt more about a God who is not a big man with a stick but rather a father that I could have a relationship with. And this is what I wanted – more than anything. Then one day at church I decided to give my life to the Lord. And I haven’t looked back since.

I gave birth to Thato in the house with Aunty Christine and Daniele as my midwives. Thato later died of a childhood illness before he could be placed with his adoptive parents.

I started volunteering at the PRC helping with the fundraising banquet but then I felt God was leading me to use my experience to help and encourage other young people in a similar situation. As time went by the opportunity to present a sexual abstinence programme to learners in the schools came up and I was appointed as a youth worker. Through this programme I learnt the importance of sexual integrity and God’s plan for sex in our lives.

The passion I have for helping young people has helped me to grow as a person, as a Christian and given me courage to face difficulties such as my status and the difficulties of being a single teenage parent.

We use personal testimonies in the schools and although the learners are often shocked, it helps them to relate to me and share their experiences.